Monday, March 2, 2015

Worcester Looks To Steal AAA Sox From Rhody

It's a straight shot down Route 146 from Worcester, Massachusetts to Providence, Rhode Island—just under 40 miles. But it's anything but a "straight shot" that the Worcester City Fathers are aiming at their neighbors to the southeast. Worcester is looking to grab away the Red Sox AAA franchise from the nation's smallest state and stick it right in the middle of Massachusetts. The new team owners want to build a riverfront stadium in downtown Providence—but the politics in 'Little Rhody' is only slightly less cut-throat than Syria. So, on Tuesday night, the Worcester City Council will take up an agenda item to bring the soon-to-be-former PawSox to the Canal District of the Bay State's second-largest community. While this is probably a long-shot, it raises the visibility of the city in its pursuit of any professional baseball franchise. Way to be aggressive, Worcester!