Sunday, March 1, 2015

'Nava-Gating' From Left Side Of The Plate Only

Daniel Nava
Daniel Nava is making a big change. In 2015, he will hit only from the left side of the plate—giving up years of switch-hitting. The decision comes on the advice of the coaching staff—which believes the outfielder can be much more productive if he learns how to hit left-handed pitching from the port-side of the plate. Will this move change his hitting mechanics much? Says Nava, "It's more the setup where I can see the ball. From the right side, you see with both your eyes, but from the left side, it's a little more challenging. If you're facing Andrew Miller, who's throwing from the dugout, I guess I'd be Tony Batista." Nava suffers a nearly 90-point drop in career average from hitting righties to hitting lefties, so this approach could make him a more well-rounder offensive player.