Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feds May Block Waterfront Park In Providence

No Stadium For You!
With all the political capital spent by the Red Sox ownership group, you'd think it would pay off in a little 'back-scratching' by those currently in charge of the federal government. Wrong, Fund Raiser Breath! It looks like all those big donations to the Democratic Party might not pay off after all. Word is that the feds are poised to block any attempt by the new owners of Boston's AAA franchise (read: the NOG) to build a waterfront stadium in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Larry Lucchino and his fellow owners want to move the PawSox to Providence, re-name them the Rhode Island Red Sox, and build that sexy new waterfront stadium. Apparently, the 4.8-acre plot along the Providence River is designated for use as a 'public park' by the Federal Highway Administration. 'Political pull' just ain't what it used to be.