Saturday, March 21, 2015

ESPN's Olney: 'Concerns' About The Red Sox

Olney; The Wolf
To paraphrase the immortal Winston Wolf from 'Public Fiction': "Let's not congratulate each other just yet". Before we start printing 2015 World Champ t-shirts, maybe we should step back and try to take an objective look at this year's edition of The Carmine Hose. A man with as much gravitas as 'The Wolf'—Buster Olney—has some doubts about this team. Said Olney on WEEI: "Other teams are seeing real problems with the rotation. I have real concerns about the Red Sox, I just don’t think they’re going to have enough pitching to win this division. In the eyes of other clubs, this is a team that’s going to have to hit its way to success if they’re going to win this year. I think it’s possible that they could hit so well that they wind up making the postseason, but I just don’t see it." Hmm. Maybe we better put the champagne back in the fridge.