Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Baptism By Fire Of A UK Red Sox Fan

Dave Merry is a newly-minted member of The Nation. The UK resident has recently become interested in our National Pastime and chosen to follow the Red Sox from across the pond. We have had numerous back-and-forth discussions on the nature of "this Red Sox thing" (as Kay Corleone might put it), but there's nothing like an actual life experience to really drive the point home. Recently, Dave had that kind of experience. Here's how he explained it: "To my amazement I experienced the bitter rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees at work last night. Whilst lorries are being unloaded/loaded a lot of the drivers watch DVDs and I often have a nosy to see what they're watching. Well this one driver was watching a documentary on baseball, so I stopped, got his attention and he opened his window. I asked if he liked baseball and he replied with a short, sharp yes! I told him that I'd just got into baseball and had started following the Red Sox. Then he left me speechless as he snapped "f*** the Red Sox, I'm a Yankees fan" and shut his window. Unbelievable!" The next time Dave went by, this offending fan of The Evil Ones put on a Yankee cap —just to rub it in even further. Welcome to The Nation, Dave!