Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sox AAA Affiliate Will Move To Providence, RI

Start putting all of your PawSox-themed memorabilia on eBay, folks. Pretty soon, the Red Sox AAA affiliate will be moving down I95 from Pawtucket to Providence. The new, 10-member ownership group (layered with Red Sox owners like Larry Lucchino) wants to call the team, "The Rhode Island Red Sox". Catchy. They also want to build a new stadium on the shores of the Providence River. Gee, there's a thought! A 21st century stadium so fans can stretch their legs, put their $15.00 beers into cup holders and have a clear, unobstructed view of the field. Can we maybe apply these wonderful ideas to Boston? One of the new owners, James Skeffington (wasn't he a character in The Last Hurrrah?) had the gall to say this, "Ballparks have changed. Designs have changed. McCoy is the oldest stadium in the Triple-A International League. Most of the stadiums have been built since 1990 or something, many of them in the last five years." Have you no shame?