Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Red Sox Also Signing Yoan Moncada's 'Mentor'

Carlos Mesa While In The Pirates Organization
In a weird twist to the Yoan Moncada signing, WEEI.com's Jon Tomase is reporting that the Red Sox will also sign the player's "mentor"—27-year old OF Carlos Mesa. It appears as if Moncada's agent sold the two as a "package deal"—with Mesa being "showcased" along with the 19-year old Cuban phenom. The agent, David Hastings, stated, "Carlos is a player I showcased along with Yoan from the very beginning. He’s been a mentor to Yoan. He’s an important piece of the whole package, in my opinion. It was not presented as a deal breaker, but he tried out every single time Yoan did, and he’s impressive. The team saw value in him and offered him a contract." It's unclear how much Mesa'a minor-league contract will cost the team.