Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jays-Sox Tix On Canada Day Go Through 'Roof'

The Blue Jays had better hope the weather is warm and sunny on Canada Day this year—because they'll need to keep the Rogers Centre dome open. That's because ticket prices to that day's game with the Red Sox are 'going through the roof' (see what we did there?). According to a report on, the July 1st contest fetches an average ticket price of $121.22 on the secondary market—26.1% above the season average. By contrast, the April 21st contest against the 2014 AL East Champion Orioles is just $59.21—38.3% below the season average. Now, part of this is due to the significance of the July 1st date—it's the Canadian equivalent of our Fourth of July. But, the remaining games in the Boston series are also wicked high—for example, the next day (July 2nd) the average ticket price is $117.64. So, apparently, our beloved Carmine Hose are a big draw this year—even abroad.