Saturday, January 3, 2015

NOG May Move PawSox Out Of Rhode Island

A while back, a few shadow owners of the Boston Red Sox moved in on the ownership of the Pawtucket Red Sox. Now, they may be scheming to move the AAA affiliate of The Carmine Hose out of McCoy Stadium and out of Rhode Island entirely. One can't help but think that the cabal of mysterious Sox owners are simply a shill for John Henry—allowing him to destroy a nearly 40-year old New England tradition. Then again, Henry and the NOG aren't from New England. Apparently having his top minor league team just 45 miles from Fenway Park isn't close enough for the Soccer Baron Of Yawkey Way. While the possibility of a move was first reported in Henry's Boston Globe, you're not likely to hear any more on the story from the boring rag on Morrissey Boulevard.