Thursday, January 22, 2015

FanGraphs: Betts For Strasburg Sensible Trade

Strasburg (L), Betts (R)
Dave Cameron of the authoritative website makes an interesting case for a Mookie Betts for Stephen Strasburg trade. In fact, he argues that the deal would be a "win-win" for both the Red Sox and the Nationals. Why? First, Cameron uses a complex analysis of WAR projections for Betts and his likely replacements on the 2015 roster. He concludes that—at worst—Boston would lose one win without Betts. On the other hand, they would pick up around three wins with the acquisition of Strasburg—netting a two-win advantage. Betts would solve the Nats second base problem—and the loss of Strasburg is significantly mitigated by their remaining abundance of starting pitching (Max Scherzer, Jordan Zimmermann, Gio Gonzalez, Doug Fister, Tanner Roark). Cameron concludes thusly, "It’s almost certainly not going to happen, but as far as speculative trade suggestions go, this one seems to make as much sense on both sides as any I can remember." We shall see!