Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Stephen Drew Is Seeking A $10 Million Contract

On June 9, 1954, Boston attorney Joseph Welch asked Senator Joe McCarthy, "Have you no sense of decency, sir?" The same could now be applied to Stephen Drew's reckless agent Scott Boras—who has the gall to ask GMs to give his client a $10 million contract for 2015. By holding Drew out until June last year, Boras allowed for the poorest season of the shortstop's career. Between Boston and The Evil Ones, Drew hit a mind-boggling .162 with a .237 on-base percentage. So how does Boras justify asking for 10 big ones? He mentions the lefty's career .764 OPS (not making reference to the .536 OPS he delivered in 300 2014 plate appearances). Drew will be 32 years old next March and would be lucky to get half of what Boras is asking—very lucky. Mr. Boras, have you no decency?