Wednesday, December 17, 2014

John Henry's Soccer Player To Re-Hab With Sox

OK, now John Henry has gone too far. Word from across the pond indicates that one of Henry's foreign soccer players will be re-habbing with the Red Sox during Christmas. What? That's right,  Daniel Sturridge of the Liverpool "side" will come to Boston soon to meet with Red Sox medical specialists (a term we use advisedly—ask Jacoby Ellsbury). Apparently, the Liverpool brass don't trust the quality of care from their National Health Service. So the 25-year old "striker" will try to heal his thigh injury (which, oddly, isn't faked) here in Beantown. Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers stated that using the Red Sox medical team was part of a plan to get Sturridge "on the pitch consistently". Pitch? Do you think he has a fastball? Dear NOG, can we concentrate on baseball, please?