Friday, December 12, 2014

At Last, Theo Can Put Gorilla Suit Behind Him

(NBC Sports)
With the capture of Jon Lester, Cubs President Theo Epstein has finally gotten the "monkey" off his back—so to speak. He doesn't need a gorilla suit anymore to escape the shadow of his former mentor, Larry Lucchino. In fact, he bested Lucchino in the pursuit of the prized free-agent lefty—which had to be sweet revenge. Some pundits are claiming that now the pressure is truly on Epstein—that somehow landing Lester will unrealistically inflate expectations on the North Side. The truth is that Epstein has been cool under pressure for years—making daring deals, staring down uber-agents, and delivering World Series Championships. He'll be just fine. We always thought that Theo was the only member of Red Sox management that truly "got it". The interlopers paid lip service to "The Red Sox Thing", but Theo lived it. Every day of his life. We wish him the best with his newly-fortified Cubbies.