Friday, December 26, 2014

Another Bridge Year Looming On Yawkey Way

Say what they will, the Red Sox brass are gearing up for yet another infamous "bridge year" in 2015. Sure, they beefed up the worst team offense in a generation. Sure, they added three number three starting pitchers. Sure, the American League "Least" is weaker than it's been in a while. But, still, there's that pit in the bottom of your stomach—and you haven't had a Fenway Frank in over three months. Why? Four words: No Number One Starter. Nobody to anchor and mentor a young staff. Nobody to take the ball in a one-game play-in or a Game Seven in the post-season. The team's rationale is that—next yearJohn Henry and his billions could have their pick of David Price, Johnny Cueto, Jordan Zimmerman and Zack Grienke. That's all well and good. But, it won't satisfy you when you're watching this team 15 games out next August.