Wednesday, December 3, 2014

103-Year Old Sox Fan Vying For ESPN Fan Hall

Mary Mollerberg waited a while before attending her first Red Sox game at Fenway Park—that would be a century. She finally made it to the old ball yard on their contemporaneous 100th birthdays. Mary—who lives in Maine—is among ten finalists for ESPN's Fan Hall Of Fame. Three of the ten will be inducted into the Hall—decided by on-line voting. If you need any further reason to vote for Mary, just read some of the biographical essay she submitted: "I first started listening to games before TVs were invented, then settled in nice with my black & white TV, then being able to listen on car radios and eventually on colored TV that has me feeling like I am on the field. Either watching or listening to the game vs. the Yankees I always had my hands ready to give those Yankees the 'wammie' up to bat or pitching." 'Nuf Ced. Vote (early and often) for Mary HERE.