Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Where Will John Henry's $50 Million End Up?

(Press Association Images)
By most accounts, your Carmine Hose have a cool $50 million to spend this Winter. Their primary needs are obvious: two starters and a left-handed bat—preferably at 3B. And since John Henry is rumored to be selling his foreign soccer team (some 11th place bunch from the place the Beatles came from)—there may be even more loose cash around. Latest reports indicate that, while the Phillies are sniffing around at Boston's top prospects, Ben Cherington is more focused on bringing back Jon Lester—and using a Hamels trade as a fall-back. If the Red Sox offer Lester six years and around $140 million, he'll likely take it. That would leave plenty of dough to sign The Panda to a $90 million deal and also sign another starting pitcher (possibly James Shields). The brass on Yawkey Way had better not forget that they have a restless fan base lurking—with their Season Ticket payment deadline on December 17th. BenCher had better make a big splash before then, or StubHub will be flush with cheap seats in America's Most Cramped Ballpark and NESN's ratings will be even more reflective of their second-rate status.