Friday, November 7, 2014

Victorino: I'll Be Ready To Start In Right Field

An Example Of Victorino's Stellar Defense
Have you forgotten about The Flyin' Hawaiian? Do so at your own risk, because Shane Victorino intends to jog your memory—big time. The Red Sox right fielder—who was injured most of 2014—is getting healthier by the day (after August back surgery) and fully intends to patrol Fenway's quirky right field again—as the 2015 starter. Said Victorino, "I can promise you right now that I'm not going to Spring Training competing for a job. If I'm healthy, it's my job." He doesn't say this out of disrespect for anyone else in the OF logjam—just a supreme confidence in his own abilities. And, don't forget what a critical part Victorino played in the magical 2013 Championship season. He's back and he wants right field!