Friday, November 28, 2014

Top 10 Things Sox Fans Should Be Grateful For

#10—The likelihood that the 2015 offense will no longer look like a AAA offense.
#9—The fact that Shane Victorino is healthy and might return to 2013 form.
#8—The fact that Koji Uehara is still closing for the team.
#7—The fact that the organization has youthful depth at pitcher, catcher and shortstop.
#6—The fact that you could convene a Minyan with the number of OFs on the team.
#5—The fact that Xander Bogaerts is one of the most talented players in the game.
#4—The fact that we will have a new goofy cult hero in Pablo Sandoval.
#3—Two words: Dustin Pedroia.
#2—The fact that we still have an outside chance of re-signing Jon Lester.

And the number one thing Sox fans should be grateful for this Thanksgiving:

#1—The fact that John Henry doesn't own both The Globe and The Herald.