Thursday, October 30, 2014

Big Red Sox Moves Coming On 'Election Day'?

Now that The Fall Classic has ended, the feeding frenzy can begin. Starting Tuesday—which also happens to be Election Day in the real world—the Red Sox (and every other team in baseball) can begin to shape their 2015 rosters with free agent signings, trades and other moves. While filling the multiple starting pitching holes remains the top priority on Yawkey Way, dealing with the void at third base is also a huge need. And, with Pablo Sandoval (Boston's main 3B target) hitting .429 in the World Series, that price is going to be higher than expected. Red Sox GM Ben Cherington may have to act quickly to nail The Panda (is that hate speech?) or—alternatively—try to wean Chase Headley away from The Evil Ones. Multiple free agent pitching options will be looked at—including (at least as a formality) Jon Lester and James Shields. And, trades for pitching can also be pursued—for the likes of Chris Sale (already signed through 2019). Whatever they do, the Red Sox need to do it both quickly and right.