Friday, October 17, 2014

A Simple Solution To World Series Home Field

As we approach another Fall Classic, we're again confronted with the rank stupidity of home-field advantage being determined by an exhibition game. The Kansas City Royals might get an extra home game because Mike Trout had a good day last July 15th. Is this really fair? Of course not. So, let's try to find a more representative way to decide the issue. Oh, wait, we have another of Bud Selig's dumb ideas right in front of us! The ubiquitous Interleague schedule—where a cross-league game is played every day. That's a pretty big sample size—in fact, it was 257 games in 2014. This is an even better idea, since the leagues are now balanced—with 15 teams in each circuit. As it happens, the AL whupped butt this year—winning 140 games to the NL's 117. In fact, the AL has had the advantage since 2004. Still, wouldn't it be great if Bud made this simple and logical change on his way out the door?