Monday, October 27, 2014

10 Years Ago Tonight Ended 86 Years Of Pain

(Mike Ehrmann/WireImage)
"Well, Sherman, let's step into the Way-Back machine and set the date for October 27th, 2004." Exactly ten years ago tonight, The Idiots ended an era so angst-ridden you could almost taste it. Even though the Holy Grail was within our grasp, many of us would not believe the "curse" had really ended until that ball settled into the first baseman's mitt of one Douglas Andrew Mientkiewicz. The emotion that was released could be felt all over this thing we call Red Sox Nation—but it also reverberated across the decades. In that instant, Red Sox fans who had nothing else in common (not age, not culture, not politics) were crystallized into one unified whole. Relieved. Relaxed. Satisfied. This is how FenwayNation put it a decade ago, "The 2004 Red Sox have given the Nation what legions of fans have sought so desperately for generations—redemption. Finally, the taunting ends, the chants stop, the curses are forever stilled. This band of 21st century "idiots" has given us the greatest moment in Boston sports history—bar none. Our grandfathers, our fathers, and all the great players of teams past are forever redeemed. We have witnessed an historic march to glory—and through the Evil Empire to boot. Eight straight post-season victories—never done before. Coming back from a 3-0 hole—never done before. Lightening the hearts of millions—finally done. Champions, at last."