Thursday, September 11, 2014

Werner: Red Sox 'Determined' To Spend For FAs

(AP Photo)
Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner appeared today on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Morning Show and pledged an improved 2015 Red Sox team. Particularly, he stressed that the NOG (New Ownership Group) is "determined to go into the free agent market and improve the team." While he claimed that John Henry's empire did not have "limitless" resources, he did say "we’ve got a lot of money to spend." Werner also stated his commitment to help speed up the game and make it appeal more to a "lost generation" of younger fans. His failed campaign to become Commissioner did at least highlight a number of his good ideas—like a pitch clock, no warm-ups for incoming relief pitchers (do place-kickers get "warm-ups" on the field?) and forcing batters to stay in the box. All good ideas. Frankly, we have to say (somewhat grudgingly) that this was one of the most refreshingly honest interviews ever by any member of the NOG. We'll have to re-evaluate Bosom Buddies.