Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rusney Castillo Era Starts Tonight In Pittsburgh

(Photo By Cliff Welch)
Someday, we may look back on tonight's otherwise meaningless game (at least for the Red Sox) and try to recall what Hall of Famer Rusney Castillo did in his first MLB at-bat. Of course, this is the rosiest of scenarios—he could also wind up being a costly ($72.5 million) mistake. In any event, it all begins tonight, as Castillo suits up for The Carmine Hose and plays centerfield. Fresh off a lead-off HR in last night's Pawtucket loss in the AAA championship Game, the 27-year old Cuban defector will probably not hit at the top of the order—but next Opening Day you can count on him being there. Castillo is quick, explosive and is likely to be an instant fan favorite. We'll have to figure out if it's pronounced "RUZ-knee" or "ROOSE-knee" (not unlike choosing between ISIS and ISIL), but once we nail that down, the chants at Fenway should be fun.