Monday, September 22, 2014

Memo To NOG: Cut 2015 Ticket Prices By 20%

There's one thing the NOG (New Ownership Group) can do to really demonstrate their "care and concern" for Red Sox fans: cut 2015 ticket prices by 20%. As it is, Boston fans pay the highest ticket prices in all of baseball (average ticket: $52.32; total Fan Cost Index: $350.78). And for what? A team that might pass the 69-win threshold set by Bobby Valentine's 2012 legions? Great! The owners got a big-time 'mulligan' for 2013—and fans have been amazingly positive in this humiliating year. We need payback—real, tangible payback. The state's feeble economic 'recovery' has left most fans still struggling to make ends meet—if they have a job at all. So, multi-billionaire John Henry should be able to find it in his "progressive" heart to give the average fan a break. It's bad enough that they've saddled us with a century-old, obstruction-filled, cramped ballpark—now they've given us players who hit like their 100 years old. Give us a 20% reduction—that's a measly $10.46 cents on the average ticket. Just enough to buy an over-priced Fenway Frank.