Tuesday, September 30, 2014

40% Of Red Sox Home Games Have Ticket Hikes

Ever the expert parsers, the Red Sox touted to the world yesterday that they are "holding the line" on ticket prices for the 2015 season. Of course—as in politics—the truth is in the details. In fact, tickets prices will go up over 2014 levels for 32 home games—40% of the schedule at America's Most Cramped Ballpark. While it's true that the "average" ticket price will not increase in 2015—they did increase a whopping 4.8% last year. The sleight-of-hand by the NOG (New Ownership Group) is truly breathtaking. Just look at the comments from Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino: "Given the challenges we experienced on the field this year, and the steadfast support of Red Sox Nation through those challenges, we are holding the line overall. We are adjusting some of the variable pricing categories to better correspond to demand." They even have the gall to resort to the oldest of political canards—the appeal to the 'kids'. Lucchino goes on: "Over the last two years, we will have dropped the prices, for example, of Infield Grandstand seats by $17 for certain games. That helps us improve the affordability and accessibility of Fenway Park for families and children." Affordability? The phony "variable pricing" scheme is also back for 2015—with five different "Tiers" of games categorized by "anticipated" demand. These guys should run for something.