Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What The Sox Lose By Demoting Bradley, Jr.

 (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
The demotion of Jackie Bradley, Jr. to AAA Pawtucket was probably the best move for the player and the team. It will allow him to work out his offensive problems without the glare of Boston fans and media. While Mookie Betts is a far better hitter, he is not (as we saw last night) the defensive equivalent of Bradley, Jr. In fact, very few are. According to Player Standard Fielding stats for this year, JBJ is ranked third in the American League in "defensive runs saved above average" for all outfielders (a geeky way of saying he's worth a crap load of runs to a team). Only the amazing Kansas City Royals trio of Lorenzo Cain, Alex Gordon and Jarrod Dyson are in JBJ's league. So, while it's probably a good thing for now, The Carmine Hose will seriously miss the effortless, gliding defense that Bradley provided.