Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Road To Breaking The 'Valentine Curse'

Your 2014 Carmine Hose have 38 games left to play in this dismal season. In order to surpass the win total of the 2012 Boys of Bobby Valentine, they will have to take at least 14 of those games. Seems like a pretty easy task, right? Except the eight teams they will face until the end have a combined .537 winning percentage—and only one of those teams is under .500 (Tampa Bay). They will face the division-leading Orioles six times (.577 winning percentage), The Evil Ones (.516) six times, Toronto (.512) six times, Tampa (.492) seven times, the Angels (.593) three more times, KC (.556) four times, Seattle (.540) three times and Pittsburgh (.512) three times. So, let's say the Red Sox play over their heads—at .500. That would give them 19 wins—just five more than needed to surpass The Valentine Line. That's 75-87 for the year. Still pretty, pretty, pretty bad.