Friday, August 1, 2014

July Dalton Jones Average Plummets 14.3 Pts.

FenwayNation's Dalton Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) experienced a precipitous drop in July—falling 14.3 points to 62.1. This comes after a relatively small  drop (3.0 points) in June. The only larger drop this year was from the pre-season mark to the April reading (17.7 points). This month's drop in the Index was—once again—almost totally due to falling levels of confidence in the team's offense. Assessments of the defense and starting pitching also dropped off. FenwayNation offers its readers this monthly assessment of "The Mood Of The Nation" through our exclusive Dalton Jones Industrial Average. Named for the all-time Red Sox pinch-hit leader, the average is a composite index of four key metrics: starting pitching, relief pitching, total offense and total defense. The initial 2014 preseason reading was normalized and set to 100.0 as the benchmark for the remainder of the year. FenwayNation readers from throughout the world can now 'weigh in' every month on the state of The Carmine Hose. The Index number—and its fluctuation up or down—has proven, over the years, to be an solid bellwether of team performance.