Monday, August 25, 2014

FN's Latest American League Power Rankings

As we approach the watershed Labor Day weekend, FenwayNation has announced its latest American League Power Rankings. While the Angels have overtaken the A's recently, we still see Oakland as the #1 force in the AL—if for no other reason than they have a ridiculous starting rotation for the stretch run. The loss of Yoenis Cespedes has hurt their offense, but it shouldn't be a fatal blow. Anaheim is not far behind, although the loss of starter Garrett Richards will hurt them in the crunch. Those lovable Baltimore Orioles come in third in our ranking, followed by the even more lovable Kansas City Royals. Detroit has tumbled down to the #5 spot—despite getting David Price at the deadline. The Indians, Mariners, Yankees, Blue Jays and Rays round out the top ten. The Red Sox have dropped to #13 on the list—barely ahead of the two Lone Star State entries. Here are the rankings:

1.  Oakland
2.  Anaheim
3.  Baltimore
4.  Kansas City
5.  Detroit
6.  Cleveland
7.  Seattle
8.  New York
9.  Toronto
10.Tampa Bay