Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Five Likely Sox Departures By Thursday

Here are the top five most likely Red Sox players to no longer be Red Sox players by this time Thursday:

1.) Jonny Gomes, OF. There are plenty of contending teams that could use the "Good Luck Playoff Charm" that is Gomes. The guy just seems to win wherever he goes. He still hits lefties at a ridiculous pace and is no longer in Boston's plans;

2.) Andrew Miller, RP. There isn't a scenario in baseball in which a lefty out of the bullpen isn't disproportionately valuable. Miller has been particularly effective this year (except in a few cases when he let inherited runners score). He is tall, imposing and out of town;

3.) Stephen Drew, SS. 'The Great Ten Million Dollar Experiment' was clearly a failure. The Red Sox now have two months to figure out if Xander Bogaerts is really going to be a productive shortstop in the major leagues. Dumping Drew allows for that. It also lets them put Will Middlebrooks back at third to see if he can regain his power stroke.

4.) David Ross, C. He's a great guy, and the GM recently assured everyone "Rossy" is sticking around, but, honestly, "why?" He's getting older by the day, can't hit and is blocking a two-month look at the Blake Swihart/Christian Vazquez "Tandem Of The Future".

5.) Jon Lester, SP. This is a tough one. If BenCher is convinced he can re-sign Lester next year (for, say, 5 years and $130 million), then he will be dealt for prospects at the last minute.