Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sox Have Signed 29 of 41 Picks From 2014 Draft

The Red Sox today announced the signings of eleven additional picks from the 2014 MLB Draft. The team has now inked 29 of the 41 total selection it made this year. The newly signed players were: pitcher Reed Reilly (7th round), catcher Ben Moore (8th round), outfielder Cole Sturgeon (10th round), catcher Jordan Procyshen (14th round), centerfielder Trenton Kemp (15th round), left-handed pitcher Michael Gunn (16th round), shortstop Jeremy Rivera-Valera (17th round), catcher Devon Fisher (20th round), first baseman Francisco Tellez (24th round), right-handed pitcher Ryan Harris (26th round), and right-handed pitcher Taylor Nunez (27th round). Boston has also signed 10 of its 11 picks within the top 10 rounds, as well as 20 of its top 21 selections.