Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Red Sox Are 11th Most Valuable Sports Team

The next time John Henry cries poor-mouth,  somebody in the mainstream media please remind him of this story: FORBES has ranked the Red Sox as the 11th most valuable sports team on Earth. Do you think Jon Lester might bring up this point at the negotiating table in November? According to the authoritative FORBES Magazine ranking, your Boston baseball franchise is worth a cool $1.5 billion—with a B! That means the NOG (New Ownership Group) has more than doubled its original investment (around $700 million) in just over a decade. The Bronx Embalmers are the highest-ranked non-soccer team on the list—coming in fourth place overall and valued at $2.5 billion. Bob Kraft's New England Patriots are the second-highest ranked football team (behind the fifth-place Dallas Cowboys)—coming in at the #8 spot and valued at $1.8 billion.