Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nation Is Outraged As Brock Holt Sits Out

(FenwayNation Photo)
After 59 straight starts, Brock 'Babe' Holt is being "rested" tonight—just when the Red Sox desperately need his juice at the top of the lineup to win tonight's critical Game 3 of the make-or-break road trip. Manager John Farrell justified the decision thusly, "We never like to take any player out that’s doing extremely well. And yet we feel like he’s played every inning since sometime back in May and felt like the last couple days were starting to see it a little bit in his play." Since taking over the top spot in the Boston lineup on May 23rd, Holt leads the major leagues in hits (77). And, did we mention? He's played seven of the nine possible positions on a baseball team. Sure, bench him. Why not?