Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Instant Replay Review: Loss On Field Stands

(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
It took a little longer to put the bow on the latest Red Sox loss—but it ended up a loss nonetheless. After reviewing an 'out' call at first base in the bottom of the ninth, the decision was confirmed: this team still can't score. Another good starting pitching performance—this one by the benighted Clay Buchholz (6 1/3 innings, one earned run)—went by the boards, as Boston mustered only one run—knocked in with an infield single by Dustin Pedroia (who has raised his average to .277) in the 2-1 loss. Brock "Babe" Holt had his usual two-hit night (now hitting .317), with Andrew Miller and Junichi Tazawa performing well out of the 'pen. Ironically, the loss went to Koji Uehara, who gave up the winning run on two hits and a sac fly in the ninth. Two losses in a row to the Cubbies!!!! Yeesh!