Monday, July 14, 2014

Home Run Derby Features New Rules Format

MLB has incorporated a new format and new set of rules for tonight's Home Run Derby. This year, hitters will only be given seven outs per round. The event will also feature a bracket-style format. Five players from each league will get a shot in the first round—with the top HR hitters getting a bye to the third round. The next two players from both sides will then meet in the second round with the winners advancing to face the top guys who got the byes. Confused yet? Lastly, the winners of the third round—one from each league—will face off in the finals to crown the Home Run Derby Champeen. Here are the contestants: AL: Jose Bautista, Yoenis Cespedes, Adam Jones, Brian Dozier, Josh Donaldson. NL: Troy Tulowitzki, Yasiel Puig, Giancarlo Stanton, Todd Frazier, Justin Morneau. The event begins tonight at 8PM Eastern time on ESPN.