Thursday, July 24, 2014

Giancarlo Stanton To Red Sox Rumors Re-Ignite

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
We know, we know, you've heard all this before. And the Marlins have promised they would never trade Giancarlo Stanton—their lone matinee idol. Then again, Governor Deval Patrick promised a drop in your property taxes—seen that yet? We digress. The persistent rumors of a Boston-Miami deal for the 24-year slugger are simmering again. This time, the talk is that it would take Will Middlebrooks, Jackie Bradley, Jr. and two or three top prospects to get Stanton. A move this big wouldn't even depend on whether the Sox were in contention or not. This is a franchise-changing player—and, as a right-handed power bat, he represents the biggest missing piece in the entire Red Sox organization. There is nobody like him in the system—an no one in the pipeline. Does the deal make sense? We say you have to seriously consider it. The only "untouchable" players in our view are: Xander Bogaerts, Deven Marrero, Mookie Betts, Henry Owens and Blake Swihart. If they are not in the deal—and the deal actually exists as a real possibility—we make it.