Tuesday, July 8, 2014

David Ortiz 'Happy' To Relinquish All-Star Berth

(Getty Images)
I guess we kind of believe David Ortiz when he says he'd much rather get the rest than appear in another All-Star Game. But part of us also wants so say, "Bunk!". Ortiz has represented the Red Sox in The Midsummer Classic for nine of the last ten years—often lighting up the skies in the Home Run Derby. So, all of sudden, he's looking for a respite? Said John Farrell, "Yeah, we spoke about it a couple of days prior to the roster being submitted. Out of respect to David, I wanted to get his thoughts, and I just felt like he recognized that there were other guys ahead of him with the years that they were having. At the same time, if it's in question, his being named to the team, he'd much rather get the days of rest." Yeah, maybe. Papi chimed in thusly, "The All-Star Game is something where you've got a lot of choices and there are a lot of guys doing really well. Me and John, we had a conversation, and I'm a big fan of guys that have a really, really good first half making it to the All-Star Game. There are a couple of guys ahead of me this year at my position." I'm not sure we're buying this.