Friday, July 11, 2014

Boston Mayor Blasts Red Sox Sweetheart Deal

Windfall For The NOG
New Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has strongly criticized the deal between his predecessor Tom Menino and the Red Sox that gave the team an unprecedented bevy of rights around the ballpark. The centerpiece was a $7.34 million "kiss in the mail" that gave the team permanent rights to Yawkey Way and other adjacent city-owned streets. Said Walsh, "I would not have given it away in perpetuity. I don’t think we should give a public asset away, particularly a roadway. You’ve lost control. It’s unfortunate that it was approved when I wasn’t in office. It was done under the past administration. There is not much I can about it now. But I can certainly learn from it and not let it happen again." The agreement is under investigation by the Inspector General, since some claim the Boston Redevelopment Authority board was not given enough information about the deal before they had to vote. In addition to the Yawkey Way rights, the deal also grants the team the city-owned air rights under the 'Monster Seats', and use of Van Ness Street for various team activities. Former Mayor Menino was a shameless sycophant for the New Ownership Group (NOG) ever since they took control back in 2002. Hopefully, Walsh will a little bit more protective of the city's interests when dealing with the ownership of The Carmine Hose.