Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ASG Thoughts: Jeter, Meatballs And Cover-Ups

Koji Fans A Batter In ASG
Grudgingly, I have to admit that this year's All-Star Game was watchable and interesting—aside from the over-the-top JeterWorship. Of course, as his last act, Bud Selig should link World Series home-field advantage to overall interleague record  bewteen AL and NL teams—and turn The Midsummer Classic back into the exhibition we all want it to be. While last night's game was enjoyable (light years better than the vapid Home Run Derby), there were a few disturbing moments. First, the Jeter stuff was a little overwhelming. The guy is a great player, but he didn't end world hunger. Second, the integrity of  World Series home-field advantage was seriously tarnished by Adam Wainwright's initial comments that he grooved a few meatballs to Jeter. Third, Wainwright's later "walk-back" of those comments (to the annoyingly non-journalistic Erin Andrews) was a clear cover-up. Finally, the spectacle of otherwise credible baseball journalists supporting The Great Wainwright Cover-Up was absolutely shocking. Woodward and Bernstein could not be reached for comment.