Sunday, June 15, 2014

Welcome To 2024 Boston Gridlock Olympics!

Think of all the dumb ideas you've had in your life. OK, now multiply those by a factor of a gazillion and you have begun to approximate the stupidity of Boston hosting a Summer Olympics. And yet, the United States Olympic Committee announced on Friday that Boston has made the "short list" for the US entry in the 2024 Summer Olympic Sweepstakes. Forget the graft, corruption, political boondoggling and general ineptitude of the city and state governments. The real obscenity would be the transportation gridlock that would descend on the region. Heck, you can't get from Boston to anywhere in the general vicinity of the city in less time than the average length of a Red Sox game. And, you can run into a total standstill on RTE 128 at three in the morning on a Tuesday. Never mind the ridiculous "Vapid" Transit that is the "T". Bad idea Olympic Committee—no steroid-soaked biscuit.