Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sox Can Still Contend If They Regain 2013 Pace

Rosy Scenario
Your 2014 Carmine Hose have 83 games left to play—42 of which (51%) will be at America's Most Cramped Ballpark. "So what?", we hear you all saying, they're lousy wherever they play! Wrong, watered-down-six-dollar-beer-breath! Boston is one of only two AL East teams with a winning record at home. Let's say they run the table at Fenway with the same home winning percentage as they had in 2013 (.654). That means they will pull in 27 or 28 wins—let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say 28. Now, assume they will rise to their 2013 road pace for the balance of the season (.543). That would give them 22 more wins. Add those two together and it gives you a whopping 50 more wins—giving them a grand total of 86 victories on the year. In this year's lackluster American League, that might be enough to allow them to squeak into a Second Wild Card spot. After all, the two current Wild Card leaders are on pace for 92 wins (Angels) and—wait for it—86 wins (Mariners)! So, while this is clearly a best case scenario for The Olde Towne Team—it is not a wildly absurd one either.