Friday, June 13, 2014

Holy Cow! Cut It Out, Mr. Brock Wyatt Holt!

It's A Bird, It's A Plane.....It's SuperBrock!
Where did this guy come from? Generally considered a 4-A utility player, Brock Holt is now the hottest thing to hit Fenway since—I don't know—maybe, Koji Uehara? Holt has settled into the lead-off spot in the Red Sox line-up and all he's doing is: hitting .336 with an on-base percentage of .373. In 32 games for The Carmine Hose this year, he's also slugging .466 and turning in an OPS of .839. He's got ten doubles, two triples and a HR to go with 15 RBIs. He's already got 61 total bases! If you need to get a littler more geeky, his BABIP (in English, that's "batting average on balls in play") is a ridiculous .410. Moreover, as NESN's Ricky Doyle points out, "Holt essentially can serve as a stopgap wherever Boston’s biggest hole is located at any given time".  Indeed, he's played first base, third base, and the outfield. Heck, last year, he even DH'd once! Said Holt, "...wherever they put me. It’s not my decision to make. Just come to the park ready to play, and wherever that may be, get ready for there". Cue the Kryptonite.