Thursday, May 22, 2014

Stephen Drew On Red Sox: "Like I Never Left"

(Eileen Blass-USA TODAY Sports)
Stephen Drew seemed like he was genuinely relieved. After sitting out almost two months of the major league season (thanks to a Scott Boras-induced baseball coma), he was re-united yesterday with his World Series champ compatriots. Said Drew, "It’s been interesting, but needless to say I'm glad to be back in a Red Sox uniform. I couldn't ask for anything better. These guys here, I know them and had a great year last year. Getting ready for whatever would happen, prepare myself like everybody does in the offseason and being able to come back here, I can’t thank the organization enough for thinking about me." More than likely Drew will head to AA Portland to start his minor-league tune-up—they are on a short road trip in Manchester, NH before they head back up to Portland for a homestand.