Monday, May 12, 2014

Red Sox Record Is Now 19-18. Ring A Bell?

On October 14, 2004, the Red Sox took a Delta Shuttle flight from New York to Boston's Logan Airport. The flight number was: 1918. You can't make that stuff up. They were down 0-2 to The Evil Ones in the ALCS—having lost 10-7 and 3-1 at Yankee Stadium. They were headed back home, but were humiliated in Game Three by a score of—are you ready?—19-8. You know the rest of the story. This morning, the 2014 record of your Carmine Hose is 19 wins and 18 losses—19-18. While the team is on a bit of an upswing (having won three series in a row), barely-over-.500 mediocrity is not what this team is built for. So, maybe they can take this little numerology lesson to heart and rattle off 10 or 15 Ws to take their rightful place atop the AL East.