Friday, May 23, 2014

Pedro Martinez Gets All Existential On Pitching

(AP Photo)
In an incredible interview on, David Laurila gets Pedro Martinez to wax eloquent on the art and science of pitching. We always knew Pedro was a pitching savant, but this interview takes that understanding to new heights. Laurila gets the former Red Sox ace to discuss things like: the importance of "feel" in pitching, the impact of Mother Nature on pitching effectiveness, the subtleties of pitching "command" and the mechanics of "arm action". All of these topics are addressed in an incredibly intelligent, precise and understandable fashion. The man is a true genius of the sport. Here's an example regarding the importance of 'changing up' pitching approach: "Sometimes I wanted the ball out of the strike zone. But the times the count was 3-2 and I flipped that changeup, I wanted to throw it for a strike. And I would change speeds on it. You can't always throw the same thing. Would you go to the movies to see the same one all the time?" No indeed, Mr. Martinez, no indeed. You can read the entire interview HERE.