Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dice-K Mulls Cutting Back On Warm-Up Throws

Stop us if you've heard this before. Daisuke Matsuzaka might be re-thinking his warm-up routine—which utilizes an exorbitant number of throws before entering a game. The current routine has the Mets worried—especially after he blew another lead on Monday. Now a reliever, Dice-K often begins his warm-ups "several innings" before entering a game. Several innings. Says the former Red Sox starter, "I don’t think there are any short-term effects in throwing the amount I do. I don’t think it would affect me in that particular game, but the long-term effects are definitely going to take a toll on my body, so it’s something that I’ve thought about and I will definitely start making adjustments. With the weather getting warmer, my body probably doesn’t need as much to get warm, so I’m definitely going to try out a different routine." Uh-huh.