Thursday, May 22, 2014

Buchholz Claims No Physical Issues To Blame

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)
This may be a case where hearing that a player has no physical issues is actually a bad thing. Listen to Clay Buchholz trying to explain last night's putrid performance, "As far as stuff goes, I feel like I had the best stuff in this start, velocity-wise, that I had all year. There's absolutely nothing physically bothering me." Best stuff, velocity-wise? Being one of the 36,000 or so subjected to his performance last night, I was routinely witnessing the Buchholz "fastball" limping in a 90 MPH (even though Brooks Baseball says he averaged  92.8 MPH). In any event, one of Edwin Encarnacion's two moonshots was launched on a Little-League quality hanging breaking ball. So, what's going on with Mr. "I was a 9-0 All-Star last year"? Maybe his manager has a clue, "Physically there are no complaints, no looks mechanical in nature." Really? Then why don't we send him to Midas to get his front-end aligned? Seriously, how does a guy go from being a Cy Young contender last year (before he got hurt) to the second-worst pitcher in all of baseball (based on qualifying ERA) today? ESPN's Gordon Edes suggests that it is the lingering effects of Clay's myriad injuries. Whatever it is, the Red Sox had better fix it quickly or this franchise may be one of the first ever to go from worst to first to worst again in a three-year span.