Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is Panic Setting In On Red Sox Attendance?

No Kidding
Today has got to be the kind of day the NOG (New Ownership Group) dreads. Their product has lost six straight games on the field—including the first five of this current homestand. The weather in Boston this afternoon is—well, the way the weather's been in Boston most of this year (steady rain and gloomy). To top off the trifecta, your Carmine Hose are engaged in a four o'clock start against The Juggernaut From the Great White North. All of this conspires to deliver what is likely to be one of the smallest crowds of 2014. Heck, even if it was sunny and 75 degrees, who wants to go to a 4PM get-away game at the start of Memorial Day weekend? So, maybe that's why the Red Sox tweeted out this gem at 12:44 PM today: "We turn to Jon Lester to stop 6-game losing streak. 4:05pm first pitch. Get Day of Game Tix @ Gate E." [bold emphasis added]. Moreover, the tweet has a video appendage with a ticket sales ad. There were over 36, 000 fans at Fenway last night—today, probably not so many.