Monday, May 19, 2014

A-Rod Was Convinced To Fight On By Ex-Con

According to reporting by The New York Daily News "I-Team" (you can make your own judgements about the credibility of that unit), Alex Rodriguez was ready to retire from baseball until an ex-con convinced him to fight Major League Baseball over PED allegations. The report suggests that The Fraudulent One was ready to cut a deal with MLB last summer, quit baseball and just fade away. Enter Desiree Perez, a nightclub manager in Baghdad-by-the-Hudson with a long rap sheet and ties to such 'honorable' folks as Shawn Corey Carter (alias: Jay-Z). Perez was reportedly behind A-Rod's disastrous "scorched-earth" strategy that ended in his suspension. She apparently had The Centaur's ear and moved him away from his initial retirement strategy. One source told The Daily News about Perez, "She undermined everything A-Rod’s people were trying to do to help him. It was a travesty." Again, all of this could not be happening to a more deserving guy.