Friday, April 11, 2014

Sox Led Battle For New Post-Season PED Rules

You might call it the Jhonny Peralta Rule. Major League Baseball's new Joint Drug Agreement (perhaps the poorest choice of words possible for a drug policy) now bans offenders from participating in the post-season of the year they violated the rules. Seems simple. But last year, 2013 season offender Peralta was allowed to play in October and hit .286 against Boston in the ALCS. Several Red Sox players were upset—chief among them Jake Peavy, Jonny Gomes and David Ross. Said Ross, "Every time he got a hit, you were just mad. It wasn't like something we dwelled upon. But there were remarks made here and there. It's only natural to not like a guy you feel like is cheating, is on a different level than you are, whether he still is or not."